My Adventure

On a very clear night I saw the moon phase of full moon. A few nights later I saw a new moon. As the side became more visible it became a waxing increasing, and then it started to decrease or it became waning. Then one day I went to the beach and saw a tide a regular rise and fall of waves. All of the sudden the wave began to get higher it became a high tide. But it finally went down or low tide. I  learned that  between high and low tides is a Spring tide is the greatest difference, and Neap tides have the least difference. Then one day I went to the park and it was really hot. I wanted to find out why it was hot so I looked up and saw the sun and it burned my eyes. Did you know that the Sun is a star that held together by nuclear fusion. The Sun is made up of hot glowing gases that gives  off its own light. The surface of the Sun is called the photosphere. The Sun has many different layers. One layers is called the chromosome it lies just above the photosphere. So after learning about the Sun I can protect my self from the harmful rays. When I go to the park and play with my friends on the monkeys bars, and when I go to the beach I won’t drowned.

Parasitism is where one benefits and one suffers.

Mutulism both benefit from each other

Commensalism one benefits and the other doesn’t but he is not harmed

Niche is how an animal live

Producer is an organism that gets energy from photosynthesis

consumers get there energy from producers

predators eat consumers

symbiosis is a close relation

all of these come together in an community   


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